And the (2001 NEA) winners were...

Contest Winner

Transfusion and Transplantation Technologies, Inc. (3Ti) is developing novel blood typing and blood compatibility testing devices for use in blood centers and hospital blood banks. Designed to be highly accurate, rapid and fully automatable (thus allowing "walk-away" testing), this proprietary technology is intended to decrease testing times and achieve significant reductions in labor and reagent costs for the clinical laboratory. For more information please contact John Roback or Chris Hillyer at [email protected], or by phone at (404) 778-5443.

First Runner-Up

Amphion International's multiple-patented Biological Disinfection SystemTM (BDSTM) destroys all biological pathogens in water. BDS regularly achieves a disinfecting rate of drinking water of 99.999% by utilizing a combination of ultrasonics, electromagnetic fields and ultraviolet light to disinfect waste water, potable water and industrial process water. BDSTM is available in four (varying flow rate) machines with the ability to clean dirty water and provide clean drinking water. The technology accommodates varying flow needs and includes a recreational unit at one half liter per minute, a laboratory unit at 5 liters per minute, an industrial unit at 30 gallons per minute, and large flow units that are stackable with a flow rate of 300 gallons per minute each. BDS is cost effective, easily adaptable to existing systems and does not use chemicals. Amphion International is seeking capital, pilot projects and pre-sales. Contact Maria Strollo at 404-815-0073 [email protected] and visit us at

Second Runner-Up

GCG Technology owns two small companies in China. One fine chemical manufacturing plant, another IP and broadband voice/data service provider.

Project: In the process of product development in our fine chemical plant, we observed that a new coating technology can be developed. It can be conveniently applied to an existing air filter to control volatile organic compound (VOC) in indoor air for any buildings and transportation carriers, residential, commercial or military. It can also be used for VOC contaminated water treatment and ground water remediation. Currently we are in the process of finishing technology development and seeking for financial and manufacturing partners.

Project team: Dr. Mingshong Su, Dr. Dex Shi and Ching Wu, PE.
Contact: Dex Shi, 770-518-4236, [email protected]